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Introducing technology and innovation into the business world by creating new opportunities in government and private contracts.

About Us

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Performance Redefined By Trust Earned

Improving the country is what we do. by providing our customers with the BEST and most dependable goods and services possible. KEMALAK was founded on the age-old legacy of excellence, diversity, and a determination to be our customers’ living business partners.

KEMALAK ensures that we provide the greatest goods, technical knowledge, tools, and operational advice services to our customers in order for them to make key business decisions.

We thrive in our vision of becoming the preferred brand in the corporate scene, and we strive in our goal to transform the value of our worldwide information, skills, and knowledge into the business success of our customers.

Our Visions

To become a premier Technology Solution Maintenance company, renowned for its ability to meet the highest global standards.

Our Missions

In line with its goal of maintaining a leading position in New Technology Solutions Maintenance, KEMALAK plans to uphold its forward-thinking mission by building a highly skilled and effective workforce. This will enable us to consistently deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Project and Local Representative

Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH from Germany

- Part Task Trainer


- Portable Electronic Target Systems

MSI Instrument

- Air-to-Ground Strafe and Bomb-Scoring Systems

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)

- FA-50 Aircraft, KAI Utility Helicopter (KUH) and Light Attack Helicopter (LAH)


- ALPHA – H, ALPHA – P and SMART – D (Wireless eavesdropping detection system)

Augmented Knowledge Corp

- Augmented Reality Solution for Smart Factory

Business With Us

Kemalak Group Of Companies is fully committed towards providing support and to ensuring the best returns for partners. We are always open to proposals or strategic meetings as we work to maintain your support, confidence, and trust by exceeding your expectations.

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